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LINDELANI MKHIZE is the Group Chairman of Contento group. He started his young life as an engineering intern at petrochemical plants whilst pursuing an engineering qualification. Whilst a gifted number-cruncher, he is equally gifted in the creative arts. This led him to opt instead for a music degree at the University of KwaZulu Natal. As a young music graduate, he practiced as a teacher, before establishing himself as an entrepreneur in the entertainment space. This led to being headhunted by Sony Music International to establish a South African chapter which at the age of 25, he did with much success, before branching out to form his own entity.

As a business man, he has conceptualized a variety of successful novel ideas, which have set him apart as not just an innovator of note, but as a person with special ability to start and sustain ventures for extended periods. This includes the Joyous Celebration, an always ‘sold out’ gospel music ensemble which is in its 18th year & the Hazelmere Jazz Festival which is a 15 000 audience annual jazz production. In his very young life, he already enjoys three (3) lifetime achievement awards, a true testament of his standing in the entertainment sector.

Mkhize, a versatile entrepreneur has not limited his ventures to the entertainment industry, but has dipped his hands in the hospitality sector as well, having acquired a stake in a restaurant Rhapsody Bryanston; the engineering sector having started a corrosion protection company from scratch; and the tourism sector having conceptualized various tourism products, such as the Woodstock Waterlands in Drakensberg.

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