Over half of South Africa’s population is under the age of 35. If the country is to progress and be self-sustainable, this is the segment to which most of the resources should be invested.

In line with this, MYE is an exposition aimed at changing the face of South Africa by impacting on the youth population using multiple mechanisms. It takes place annually in the month of June, which is regarded as ‘youth month’ in South Africa. Each year, at least four provinces have the privilege of hosting this multifaceted exposition over two days each.

MYE seeks to give a holistic answer to the different challenges faced by youth, be it in business, careers, education, leadership, innovation, and personal issues. This is a collaborative effort between business, government and civil society.  Entry at the exhibition is free to all.  Check this space for more details.

Would you like to participate?

If you see the value in investing in youth, and would like to participate either as a sponsor, exhibitor, supplier or otherwise, contact us at: info@mzansiyouthexpo.co.za

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